International HR Principles

Your team of interns has been tasked with looking into countries where Southwest can expand. Your team is to select a country for each of your team members from the list of countries below. Each team member is tasked with reviewing human resource management principles from their designated country and then determine if the country is a good fit for the Southwest organization. Each person will serve as the representative of their respected country. They are to do research and provide your team with human resource principles for their assigned country. The following information should be researched pertaining to HR practices/laws for each country selected:
Recruitment practices
Payment systems
Labor relations
Training and support
Countries to consider include:
As a team, create a 10-12 slide presentation for management that features your research and recommendation on where the organization should expand. Your team should also prepare a 700-800 word paper that summarizes the content of the slide presentation. Use APA format for both your slide presentation and your summary paper.
Include at least 3 references.
My country is CHINA

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