Investigation of the Supply Chain Risk and the Mitigation Strategies of Apple Inc. from 2010-2020

Research Questions:
1. What risks has the supply chain of Apple faced?
2. What are the risk mitigation strategies that Apple utilizes?
3. What improvements or modifications can be learned from Apple for other organizations to cope with the supply chain risks?
H0 Null Hypothesis: There is no significant risk impact on the supply chain of Apple.
H1 Alternative Hypothesis: There is a significant risk impact (improvements/disruptions) on the supply chain structure of a high-tech company like Apple.
Data Collection:
Data is expected to be collected extensively from secondary sources, including academic journals, industry journals, business magazines, newspapers, and etcetera utilizing ProQuest, EBSCO Host and other electronic as well as physical sourcing.
Data Analysis:
Content analysis will be performed with data collected

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