IT Project Management for the 21st century

Procurement Business case assignment for (IT Project Management for the 21st century: coordination, control, collaboration.
General notes:
• This paper is worth 20% of your course grade, but may be weighted up or down in the final moderation of the course
• Please submit a Word document version, 12-point font
• You will also be using the content from this exercise in your workshop finished site that will showcase the technology. Keep this in mind as you are doing your inquiry and keep good notes of where you got things from so you can go back again and link to good resources like video explanations or examples
• I will not be providing a rubric in advance with a formulaic structure to follow; this task is a single exercise in inquiry and creative communication.
Project management is constantly evolving, agile projects are the norm and tools abound. How do you choose a tool or set of tools like Jira and Trello with an agile approach to manage project coordination, control, and collaboration?
Technology focus:
The technology and its capabilities:
• A white paper format that explains the potential of the technology and its features and benefits for a situation (application centric).
What I don’t want is a confused hybrid of both in one paper!
Application focus:
A white paper
Here are some suggestions of what a good white paper should have. Again, this is not a mandatory list but rather reflects good practice. If you need to add more or leave something out that is fine if your paper does what it needs to do. That is, you need to explain what the technology is, why it is interesting and what does it take to use it.
A possible layout for a white paper could be:
1. Introduction of the company and technology
2. Show the whole story: the history (but not too much history), why this technology is interesting, what needs to be in place to make use of the tech’.
3. What problem or opportunity does this technology solve or create?
4. How would an organisation go about adopting this technology?
a. Is there an example or mini case that illustrates what you are suggesting?
5. What should someone wanting to know more about this technology do next?
Good presentation is important so that your paper is easy to read and understand. White papers should:
• be concise, coherent, consistent, logical, and use headings and sub-headings where appropriate
• be written in plain language, with any acronyms spelled out on first use, and bullet points used where appropriate
• Use page numbers and footnotes for technical terms are fine
• use clearly labelled charts and diagrams to support understanding
• use appendices for supporting information sparingly. Don’t unnecessarily repeat information already in the paper.
Please use check and use this:

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