ITM 6400 Assignment 2: Storytelling with Tableau- how to raise satisfaction score

Assignment 2 is based on the dataset Satisfaction Survey. This is a dataset about satisfaction scores given by the passengers who fly in different airlines. Other than the flight details (e.g. flight date, airline, origin and destination), the dataset has information about the passengers (e.g. age, gender) and their shopping amount at airports.
The business problem in this case is to identify strategies to increase the satisfaction scores of the passengers. These strategies can contain actionable items such as change the flight class (e.g. Eco to EcoPlus of certain passengers so that their satisfaction score can move up from 3 to 4). Other strategies could be identifying routes (destination or origin cities) that should not be offered or to reduce the arrival or departure delays of specific destinations.
You need to write a convincing story to the management of airlines so that the management can take specific actions to improve the satisfaction scores. Many actionable strategies can be suggested in this case, but you need to write a story that includes only three strategies. You story should be written in 2 pages (single space) that should also include visualizations. The strategies must have at least three actionable items. You would use Tableau to identify the insights that you will be used in the story. It is advised to limit the number of visualizations to three.
Your grading will be based on (1) quality of the story (e.g. preciseness and clarity), (2) implementation of any storytelling strategies, and (3) lessons from chapter 2 of the textbook.
This assignment must be done in pairs. Please submit only one assignment per pair in Blackboard. Only submit a MS Word file that contains the story. Do not submit any data/tableau file. Include your partner names in the assignment.

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