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Topic information: Job stress
You are creating a business report for “Heads up”. They have come up with some resources for small business owners and would like to add a report to their website concerning Job stress and Wellbeing.
Also, for an overview of what small business owners face see:
The CEO of “Heads up” has hired you to conduct a literature review which overviews the topic of stress and what theory has to say about this issue. This is an example of basic business research.
The literature review needs to cover small business owners stress and wellbeing. You need to present JD-R theory as an explanation of these issues. Think about the resources and demands that small business owners would have. You will then write a research question based on this issue and provide some solutions in the discussion section. In the discussion section the solutions you present will need to be informed by both theory and the literature.
It is a good idea to narrow stress (IV) down to a specific type of stress, for example role overload, as there are many types of stress as you will see once you start your literature review. If you are unsure email your lecturer/tutor. Then the outcome should be mental wellbeing (DV).
Theory: Job demand Resources theory (JD-R)
Reading to start:
Bakker, A. B., & Demerouti, E. (2017). Job demands–resources theory: Taking stock and looking forward. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 22(3), 273.
You must locate multiple readings regarding the topic and the theory. A minimum of eight articles should be cited.

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