“Part 1: Government websites by State/local questions from Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3
Your task is Search for government website within from your LA county district# 
Submit (3) websites relevant to (3) questions from readings documents, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3 below:  
Choose 3  questions choices from the following:

  Example of local government’s Legal Framework: general-law v. charter?  search  (1) either a city or school district or special district within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of a Los Angeles County government One type of service website?
Example of the LAFCo’s role, incorporation process, website?
Example of a City government services website? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of a  City Government representation system, mayor-council vs. council-manager system? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of  a County  limited -purpose of Special districts, 
Example of a  regional government and the problem it addresses?

The Process?  Search government websites based on Three (3) of the above bullet point or questions,
NOTE: the above questions are from module 3 click, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments
Source for the websites either google the name of the Local government from The map or use the LA County website click  https://lacounty.gov/government/
Part 2: Census and Demographics
Three website guides — Submit (2) websites and data relevant to the above (3) government websites Above:
County Statistics is an option: 

Go to the  Los Angeles County, click  https://lacounty.gov/government/  > Census 2020  >  
Once on 2020 Census click top of the page tab resources > additional resource > census maps & profiles by county district number [your group # zipcode map] click, https://census.lacounty.gov/
Zipcodes, map, and stat is a good start  to review demographic and other activity within [your group # zipcode map]

Equity  website on economic, earnings outcomes option:  

Go to click,  https://opportunityatlas.org/     to review the orientation  to the website and [click LA story] 

–Background story to the website: click, NPR story (Links to an external site.)
(or copy/paste to URL:  https://www.npr.org/2018/11/12/666993130/zipcode-destiny-the-persistent-power-of-place-and-education )
Review for terms and possible national topic (left column) that may apply to your zip codes,
Equity  website on broad demographic, economic, readiness  option:  
 Go to, https://nationalequityatlas.org/
Click TAB INDICATORs > demographics and equity  dropbox 
General Los Angeles County data by Zipcode  option
Go to Additional Database: Los Angeles click,  http://www.laalmanac.com/cities/ci99a.php 
Since 1998, the Los Angeles Almanac has been a unique online reference devoted to providing statistical and narrative information about the people, places, and stories that make up the incredible panorama of Los Angeles County.  
 Did you include state/local group #.  click, People
How do I view my Canvas groups as a student? 
https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10661-421255565 (Links to an external site.)

does the submission include: 

 (3) government websites ? Are the websites of governments within the LA county board district = your group #?
(3)  URL/links of each of the website by question example?
(3) labeles or Titles

Are the government website(s) relevant to the questions? Explain with a note/sentence “”how you found the site/relevant answer”” 
Part 2
Part 2 census/demographic  

Did you include at least (2) two (website sources)? with url/links?
zip code?
Example of Data category that interested you?

Title your selection, i.e., the demographics, equality, and location, & Zipcode and how you found the data about people, economic status within your group# district, or Los Angeles County?