In each simulation, two participants will play the role of the plaintiff and defendant. Two or more participants will play the roles of the witnesses from the plaintiff’s side, and two or more from the defendant’s side. One participant will play the role of the plaintiff’s lawyer, and one will play the role of the defendant’s lawyer. One other participant will serve as the judge. Alternatively, if there are more students than there are roles, more than one judge can be appointed. A maximum number of four judges are recommended. If there are some extra students, they can be made observers and their job will be to observe and report the findings to the class once the trial is over.


Part 1: Case Preparation Report


Part 1 of the simulation will be preparation. Students will receive their side of documents and will plan their strategy in part 1 of the assignment. They will submit their plan along with key arguments and precedents they plan to refer to during the hearing. It is important that the judges understand the order of the hearing.