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Question 1
Effective management of a leader is important in ensuring that the leader yields as expected at their level of leadership. The way the leaders are management and developed depends on their line of duty and the extent and significance of the duties bestowed on them. as such, a lower level manager who particularly works as a first line manager works directly with employees and their main work includes assigning duties, supervising employees and assessing the productivity of employees. Strategic keys of development of these managers should be to strengthen their supervision skills, assessment, and motivation of employees as well as on cultural and diversity sensitivity and inclusion. A middle manager is above the first line manager and may be heading a division of the company, like the sales department of an organization or a division. Developing these managers needs to sharpen the skills required to effectively manage and improve the productivity and efficiency of their department.
The senior managers are significant in driving the success of the entire organization. They make key decisions of the firm and are above the middle managers. They usually head the most important sections of the firm like finance, head of operations, head of logistics and supply. Their duties are to guide how the organization should effectively carry out different activities for the overall success of the organization overall. Developing these managers need to perfect their skills and competence in overseeing and implementing policies that enable the organization to achieve its goals. The president or the CEO of the organization, on the other hand, is the vision bearer of the organization. He is chosen on the basis of competence and bearing great visions to steer the company further. He needs to be developed by ensuring that all materials that would increase their competence and sharp in shaping and driving the whole organization, through the various managers below him.
Question 2
Strategic leadership is a type of leadership in an organization which is concerned with the current and future performance of an organization. As such, it aims to improve in general activities to produce optimum results using the present scarce resources. On the other hand, operational leadership refers to the leadership in the daily activities or operations of the firm. This leadership is aimed to ensure that all activities in the firm are in their best or at least produce the best results. The two kinds of leadership are similar in that they are both important and influence the success of the firm. Operational leadership affects short term success while strategic leadership affects long term success.
Moreover, the survival of an entrepreneurial venture is dependent on strategic leadership in the long run because of its employees’ strategies suitable for the ongoing internal operations with consideration to external factors as well. Essentially, strategic leadership seeks to make strategies or provisions that are suitable for the company with respect to its customers, the environment, sustainability, and the current and projected market conditions. Further, strategic leadership aims at helping the company prosper at the face of its competitors and future possible disruptions. This makes strategic leadership a key determiner of the future of the company. Operational leadership cannot sustain the company in the long run especially in the face of competitors sing different disruptive technology and changing consumer preferences.

Question 3
Effective leaders of large corporations use the visionary style of leadership. This style of leadership allows them to be effective in leading their company by setting outstanding visions and creatively designing the path to achieving these goals. Essentially, these leaders lead the most successful companies to their great state. Further, this style helps the companies to elevate from a state of success to vast growth and to maturity. Visionary leadership style is important for its ability to drive a company to its success and thus most companies strive to establish this kind of leadership to steer the companies’ success. Further, visionary leadership is essential in driving the company from a small stage to medium and to larger stages.
Like the name of the leadership suggests, visionary leadership is centered on the vision of the company. Every activity from the operations to the strategic approaches, the vision of the company acts as an igniting factor for the company. However, changing the leader may have both negative and positive effect on the company. This is because the ability to carry the vision of the company may differ between different individuals. The problem is however overcome by ensuring the success of the leaders is internal where the leader is drawn from the top managers. If an external manager is to be selected, then they must demonstrate unique power to drive the company to achieve excellent performance in the market.

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