“Continuing from the previous assignment, it is now important to  consider your approach to leading and managing your HR project. Tightly  structured projects tend to restrict cross-organizational communication.  As such, objectives originate at the top of the project and are  subdivided as they are passed down, resulting in little opportunity for  creative contributions. Effective leadership and managing of the project  can greatly improve communication and team contributions.
Write a 5–6 page paper in which you:

Review and understand the types of project manager power  listed and defined in the textbook, select and define any two you feel  would be relevant to your current project, and explain why. Be specific.
Identify and briefly discuss a minimum of four outcomes  (possible issues) resulting from managing projects, and address how you  might resolve the issues. Be clear with your rationale.
Discuss some increased challenges a project manager may face  when leading virtual or global project teams. Recommend a few strategies  to deal with the challenges.
Identify and explain your overall plan for communication  management during the project. The plan must be comprehensive and at a  minimum address structure, purpose, method, and timing.