Learning Activity – MS Access Skills

The purpose of this learning activity is to further expose you MS Access – A tool for working with relational databases.  This activity includes the skills that many of you will be called on as entry level marketing analytics professionals. 

I have intentionally limited the number of directions requiring you to use your resources to do this project.  It is up to you to demonstrate to me that you are proficient using this important tool.

Assignment Details

The following is a hypothetical situation that you will be utilizing to demonstrate your competence with MS Access.

Congratulations, you are officially a travel agent!  You own a small travel agency in New Orleans and specialize in selling pre-packaged group trips.  You have been contacted by the Saints to create a 7-day all-inclusive vacation for their players and families.

Hypothetically, you will attend a Member’s Meeting where you will be among several local travel agents pitching (trying to sell) your one vacation idea.  Hypothetically, the members will hear each presentation and then vote on which vacation they would like to attend together.

The members will pay you the cost of the trip plus a commission fee to you for organizing the trip.  They require the following database to accompany your proposal with at least 15-clients (make believe data) to call for references.    

The database must include the following in MS Access:

  • Client’s contact info: Name, address, phone number, email address
  • Client travel history past 5-years: destination (city, country), trip purpose, trip length, party size/characteristics, month/year of travel
  • If the client was satisfied with their trip (Yes/No option only)

You must include 3 MS Access Items along with your relational database.

  1. A form to input the client information noted above
  2. A Query to identify your clients that went on vacation in 2019 and was NOT satisfied with their trip
  3. A report of the clients meeting the criteria from your query

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