Literacy Activity Implementation

“Part 1: Implementation of
the literacy activity you created a lesson for a small group of students. Remember to focus on:
Instructional strategies for literacy development.
Differentiation, including accommodations to meet the diverse needs of students.
Creating engagement and promoting discussion.
Part 2: Mentor Feedback
After your implementation, did you do the following:
How effectively did I integrate literacy into the activity?
Were students engaged?
How effectively did I meet the needs of all students?
What did I do well and what can I do better?
Part 3: Personal Reflection
How did I integrate literacy in the activity?
Did students demonstrate the concepts of the activity? How?
How did I differentiate by using resources and/or technology to make the necessary accommodations in the activity?
What does I feel went well in the class and what might have gone better?
How did I know if the students met the learning objective of the activity?
What would my next steps be for my future practice?
Write a reflection of 250-500 words summarizing your implementation experience,  feedback, and your personal reflection.

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