Task 1 of 1
TASK 1 – Report (AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1)
(Recommended Word Count: 3,000 words)
The purpose of the report is to carry out primary/secondary market research for a selected product (e.g. Iphone 11) and to create a marketing mix for the selected product based on your research findings.
Q1) Briefly discuss the various functions of marketing and evaluate the marketing mix of one of the 2 organisations given in the attached case study (that is, either Starbuck’s or Ryanair) (AC 1.1)
Q2) Explain why the organisations given in the case study (see attached Ryanair and Starbucks case study) need to have a customer focus and explain the role of segmentation, targeting and positioning. (AC 1.2, 1.3)
Q 3 – Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different market research methods. (AC 2.1)
Q4 – Presentation and analysis of your secondary research data (e.g. customer reviews about the Iphone 11, etc.) (AC 2.2)
Q5 – Primary Research
Design a questionnaire for your chosen product (e.g. Iphone 11) that will enable you to research and then devise an appropriate marketing mix for such product.
a) Your questionnaire should consist of a variety of questions related to: Customer details, your chosen Product, Price, Place and Promotion and you can use yes or no questions, multiple choice questions, etc.
b) Select an appropriate sample which is representative of all the potential customers of the target group for your product and get members of your selected sample to fill in your questionnaire. (AC 2.2)
Q 6 – Display/present and analyse the results of your primary research findings from the completed questionnaires from Q5 above (e.g. using bar charts, pie charts, etc.) and incorporate them in your report. (AC 2.2)
Q7 – Create a marketing mix (4 Ps) for your selected product.
The 4 Ps must be based on your analysis of your secondary and primary research findings from Q4 and Q6 above respectively. (e.g. in Product, the new Iphone 11 will have a selfie camera with 16 megapixels as 89% of respondents in Q9 of the questionnaire from the primary research prefer 16 megapixels to the current 12). (AC 3.1)
Q 8 – References used in your research (accurate list of all references used, e.g. textbooks, newspaper articles, web sites, etc.)

TASK 2 – Presentation (AC 3.1, 3.2)
Presentation (10 minutes individual presentation) –
You must present/debate your marketing mix plan for your selected product (e.g. Iphone X) to the whole class. You must use power point to create relevant and concise slides. Finally, you must make sure that there are no spelling/grammar errors.
The slides of your presentation (approximately 5-6 slides) must include the following:
i) A marketing mix plan for the chosen product – minimum 4 slides (product, price, place and promotion) based on both your primary and secondary market research findings (e.g. the new Iphone 11 will have a selfie camera with 16 megapixels as 89% of respondents in Q9 of the questionnaire prefer 16 megapixels to the current 12) from Task 1: Q7.

ii) An evaluation of your marketing mix – 1 slide (e.g. why you think each P will be effective/successful, e.g. why you think each P meets the needs of your target group, etc.)

Please note, your presentation is expected to last 10 minutes.
Also, the presentations will take place from w/c 5 /1/21