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Common Marketing Assignment Writing Topics

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Marketing Assignment Writer

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Marketing Myopia Essay Help

Market orientation is becoming increasingly important in today’s dynamic and competitive corporate world. It is worth emphasizing that buyers no longer purchase things based on their unique qualities. Instead, they buy based on their capacity to provide satisfaction. This explains why Levitt’s thesis fits the marketing viewpoint. Market orientation necessitates that a company recognizes and addresses the demands of its customers (Villarino & Font, 2015). Levitt believes that the ideal marketing method focuses on client pleasure, which is congruent with the marketing perspective.

Myopia in Marketing Assignment Help

According to Theodore Levitt, marketing myopia is when firms wrongly take a short-term view to do marketing. Such businesses are profit-driven, and they are unconcerned with the consumer’s predicament. Therefore, Levitt proposed that marketing be done from the consumer’s perspective rather than the seller’s (Villarino & Font, 2015).