Maslow’s Hierarchy : Busieness and Management Assignment Help

We have the ability to use hindsight and apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a manager of a 24/7 SOC to a situation that could happen again.
You have 14 total employees who share responsibilities as part of a 24/7 team at a Security Operations Center. You have the ability reduce staff for 3 days.
4 employees are dedicated intelligence, 4 employees are dedicated operations/alarms, 4 employees are dedicated to cybersecurity analysis. You also have 2 “flex employees” who are more Sr., one has intel and cybersecurity background, the other is a Security Operations and Intel employee.
You are number 15. Your office is in an area that will not flood. A hurricane is moving up the Texas Coast and the forecast is eerily similar to Harvey in 2017
It is Thursday morning and you just had a meeting about the storm. It is predicted to hit Hou on Saturday afternoon. Harvey level amounts of rain are possible, at least Tax Day flood rain is expected.
You need to staff the center for Saturday morning through Wednesday night.
(as a sort of time machine) Using hind sight – What does your experience during Harvey and Maslow tell you about people/your employees and the needs they will have during and immediately after the event?
What are the criteria you would use to schedule your employees in regards to working during the storm and after?
How will you, as the manager, decide who should be prepositioned in the office with you?
How will you decide who to let stay home when it is time to bring in the ‘relief” (those not scheduled during the storm)? (What that means is – Someone is going to call you and say – I cannot come into work because XXXX has happened. Who will decide what is acceptable and what will make that acceptable or not acceptabe?)

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