Measuring Achievement of Learning Goals

Use Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide to read the following:
Chapter 16, “”Creating Effective Assignments,”” pages 205214.      
In this chapter, you will begin to consider the most effective means of determining how to measure students achievement of the learning goals.
Briefly scan the following chapters. For the Question, you will determine which of these chapters to read in detail to inform your discussion, which will become an important part of your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan.
Chapter 15, “”Designing Rubrics to Plan and Assess Assignments,”” pages 189204.
Chapter 17, “”Writing Multiple-Choice and Other Objective Tests,”” pages 215234.
Chapter 18, “”Assembling Evidence of Student Learning Into Portfolios,”” pages 235244.
Chapter 20, “”Other Assessment Tools,”” pages 259272.
Chapter 21, “”Assessing the Hard-to-Assess,”” pages 273284.
Use the Internet to read the following:
Suskie, L. (2018, May 27). What are the characteristics of well-stated learning goals? [Blog post]. Retrieved from
After reading Chapter 16 and scanning Chapters 15, 17, 18, 20, and 21, select 23 of those chapters to study in greater detail, basing your decision on their applicability to your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan.
Present an overview and descriptions of each of the measures you propose to assess the students or trainees achievement of the learning goals of your choice up 5 from the readings in this unit. Using the readings and applying critical thinking, explain how each proposed assessment measure is appropriate for enabling the students to demonstrate achievement of those goals.”

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