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Term Research Paper
The research paper gives you the opportunity to explore your selected topic in informatics, as well as to examine it from a more empirical standpoint. It enables you to investigate the current state of the happenings in informatics as a field, and how informatics approaches and transforms the health care practices.
Paper Instructions
Select a suitable informatics topic and explore the idea. The topic must be approved by me. In addition, perform an online literature search using resources to identify 5 or more empirical articles from reputable journal, the articles must support your chosen informatics topics. You may choose materials from popular magazines or websites in the paper but will not count toward the article requirement. Ensure that the supporting articles are not older than 5 years. You should also pay close attention to the following:
• Paper must have introduction, body, and conclusion.
• Provide your perspective on the topic in form of critical and logical thinking.
• Approximately 5-6 pages in length excluding cover page or references, should be about 1200 but not less than 750-word count.
• Double‐spaced, including tables, figures, and references, with one inch margins.
• Use 1” margin all around, use 12 pt font, and number your pages.
• Paper should be narrative and not bulleted items, check grammar and spelling.
• Figures and graphics do not count toward word count and number them accurately and consecutively
• The text should be summarized in your own words and not copied and pasted from other writings which is prohibited. Give credits to the authors on borrowed ideas.
• It should be typed into a Microsoft Word document.
• The paper will be written in JAMIA style. Samples are posted in Blackboard.
• Rough drafts are welcome for my feedback, but it must be given to me at least a week before the due date.
• Develop a PowerPoint presentation that consist of at least 5 slides excluding cover page and references

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