Medication Errors in Healthcare

Assignment Criteria/Instructional Rubric:1). Using the articles, the student retrieved in the library, develop three paragraphs addressing the assignment criteria/directions. . Discuss the importance of the chosen topic in healthcare. Discuss how the chosen topic can improve the delivery of quality patient care. Discuss how the chosen topic can be incorporated into patient education. 2). The body of text must contain two direct quotes, one personal communication (optional), one in-text (in the sentence) paraphrase, and one parenthetical paraphrase. Cite each according 3). Include level one headings . Utilize the purpose statement to develop the level one heading for the paper. 4) Include a reference page that reflects all the sources used within the text. The list should be in APA format. Authors alphabetized, double-spaced, and have a hanging indent. Do not change the order of the authors as they appear in the article because the author’s input determines the placement of the names. 5) Include the two-scholarly peer-reviewed references that support the paper. 6) The paper should be no more than three pages not including the title page and the reference page. There should be no errors in grammar, punctuation, or APA format.

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