“Methodology Mind-Set and Management Processes” and “Violence and Practical Reflection”

“Question 1
“”Methodology Mind-Set and Management Processes””  Please respond to the following:
According to Kerzner, “The importance of a good methodology cannot be understated.” In your own words, examine the significance of this statement as it relates to integrative information technology solutions within an organization. Provide one (1) example of an integrative information technology solution to justify your response.
As a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a large organization, compare and contrast three (3) of the five (5) main management processes described in Chapter 5 of Kerzner’s text. Suggest one (1) strategy to apply the business value of each selected management process to your current or future organization.
Question 2
 Hagan (2020) identified several different school shootings as well as incidents of school violence. Why do you think the United States is plagued with more school shootings than all other developed countries combined? What policies do you think would help lessen the number of school shootings? Be specific and provide examples.”
“In order to maximize the time we have in the first syncSession please complete the following activities prior to the meeting time:
Reading Assignment:
Trochim/Donnelly: Ch 1-1d,1-1c,1-1f, and 3-2
A document titled “Evaluating Data Elements” is available to you in Document Sharing. This document provides a summary of a dissertation study conducted by an alumnus of UoF. Review the summary of the research and the adaptation of the survey instrument that was developed for the study.
For this SyncSession assignment, you will assess the data collection instrument. First, select one of the three research questions identified. Using the survey map provided, identify the data being collected to measure the variables identified for that research question. For each variable associated with the research question, summarize the information about the data being collected in the following table:
Construct Variable                 Variable                              Variable                     Data Type 
Example                                 Instructor Ranking              Dependent              Ordinal
Student Satisfaction    
       After summarizing this information, write a short assessment (3-4 pages) answering the following questions about validity and reliability:
Do the questions fit the variables being studied?
Do the options provide appropriate measures of the variables?
Can the options skew the responses?
Does the instrument accurately measure the variables?
Will the instrument yield the same results if used again under the same circumstances?”

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