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Introduction to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used application software in the world. Microsoft Office is a simple yet complex application for business purposes. It was first introduced in 1990. Microsoft Office is produced by Microsoft Corporation, computer hardware, and software developer, and distributor. Microsoft Suite consists of several software used to improve work productivity. Each software is designed to address a specific task such as data management, word processing, presentations development, emails management, and spreadsheets.
As the software continues to develop, Microsoft has come up with different versions supported by different operating systems: Windows, Linux, and macOS office. The software comes in 35 different languages.

Microsoft Office Versions

  • Microsoft Office 95
  • Microsoft Office 97
  • Microsoft Office 2000
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft 365

The term Microsoft Suite is used since the software comes with several software namely Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Publisher.
Students are required to be conversant with at least 4 MS Office Applications. Therefore, all courses ensure that students learn Microsoft Office applications through MS Office Lab Courses or Practices. These MS Office Application exercises are very important in the final grade. It cannot be taken lightly at all!

Common Microsoft Applications in MS Office Lab Assignments

Fundamentals of computer engineering begin by getting used to Operating Systems Graphic User Interface (GUI). After the introduction to computers course, students are able to understand how to use application software such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Excel. Tutors begin with Microsoft Word to help learners create various types of documents. Common applications in COMPE 101 include:

Microsoft Word- MS Office Exam Help

Microsoft Word lab is common in many courses. It allows learners to gain skills that increase their work efficiency and confidence. Microsoft is a common word processing software. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Word since it is able to create a variety of documents such as reports, brochures, and newsletters without much knowledge in graphics design.
Microsoft word can help you change color, insert graphics, add font styles, track changes, and much more. As a student, you need to know how to use MS Word for report and assignment writing. Skills in Microsoft Word come in handy when handling academic homework including tests, learning activities, speech topics, and coursework papers.
Universities have identified the importance of skills in Microsoft Office applications. Students are required to handle a full course in Microsoft Office Suite. We understand how difficult it is for some students to attend all Microsoft Office Classes. Microsoft products may be overwhelming to some students, which makes it difficult to complete assignments on time. Grades obtained in the courses are also important in ensuring that total GDP is accomplished.
Tasks in Microsoft Office Lab can be tiring, hard, and time-consuming, that is why you should let our qualified computer science experts handle your MS Word exam.

Microsoft Excel -MS Office Exam Help

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software. It is one of the commonly used software in data collection and analysis. MS Excel assignments are supposed to equip students with skills of analyzing, summarizing, and creating data. Online Microsoft Excel tests include activities such as developing financial statements, accounting calculations, development of Excel dashboards, data analysis, data visualizations, etc. Microsoft Excel online tests may be complex to some students.
Excel offers simple to advanced data analysis that requires a lot of time to master. Well, you do not need to master all the formulas to get good grades. Our qualified Microsoft Excel Assignment Help experts are always ready to boost your GPA.  We are ready to walk with you from the first MS Excel Assignment to the last, no matter the complexity.
Some areas students need help within Microsoft Excel assignments include;

  • Excel if Functions assignment help
  • Microsoft Excel functions assignment help
  • Microsoft Excel Pivot tables assignment help
  • Excel Dashboard development assignment help
  • MS Excel Data analysis Assignment help
  • Excel Linear Programming assignment help
  • Microsoft Excel Online Tests assignment help

Our experts are ready to handle all kinds of Excel assignment help with precision. Try our services today!

Microsoft Access- MS Office Exam Help

Microsoft Access is another important application in Microsoft Office. It is used as an information management tool or a relational database. The software helps store information for future reference, analysis, and reporting. Microsoft helps overcome limitations found in managing Microsoft Excel. MS Access is used to manage large amounts of data due to its ability to organize, search and make available to simultaneous users. The majority of students find it hard to master Microsoft Access. In some cases, students may be required to use the programming language to use MS Access.
Our Microsoft Access Assignment help experts are ready to handle database design, creation of tables, reports, queries, and database relationships. Microsoft Office homework help experts are ready and willing to handle all your assignments, including online exams. We understand that it is not easy to get 98+ grades in your Microsoft Access lab assignment. Apart from getting first-class solutions, our services include a close working relationship with our clients.

Microsoft PowerPoint- MS Office Exam Help

Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software. It is a powerful slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft Corporation. The program uses slides to pass information rich in multimedia. Microsoft PowerPoint program uses the old technology of slide projector.
Our PowerPoint presentation assignment help online service has attended hundreds of students. Making a PowerPoint presentation requires a great eye for detail and research skills. Universities emphasize PowerPoint assignments compared to other assessments such as reports since it allows lecturers to assess basic principles of presentation. PowerPoint lab assignments allow students to learn how to use slides, multimedia, and themes to organize ideas. However, most students may find it difficult to go through the PowerPoint lab project due to limitations of time. Our experienced computer science experts will help you handle your whole MS Office exam, lab project, and online tests. We always guarantee 98+ marks on all tests. Order for assignment help today to boost your GPA!
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