MIS 362 Project Management

The Final Exam Project Assignment is for you to demonstrate that you:
1. Have obtained an understanding of the processes and knowledge areas of project management
2. Are comfortable with using the basic tools to present project assumptions and facts
3. Are capable of performing key project management tasks
Project scenario:
Our Information Technology consulting firm, Z-Tech, has been engaged to provide an online sales capability to a small firm, OneSoap, which provides a soap product for business and home use. The product is an antibacterial soap packaged in small, dissolvable liquid tablets. Currently, the firm sells the product line in small boutique shops (23) for the consumer and small business customer. Annual sales were $1.24M US in 2019. The advantage of this product line is the self contained, single use and sanitary nature of the product.
With the current pandemic, store sales have halted with the widespread store closures. The company owners of OneSoap are requesting the development of an online store for product sales. The product line includes a wall mounted dispenser, a counter top dispenser and soap tablets in five different scents.
The OneSoap company ERP system handles inventory management (ordering, packaging, and shipping) and will handle accounting for inventory management, sales and financial reporting. The ERP system has the Application Program Interfaces (API) for the interfaces needed to manage inventory sold on the website and report sales. The Z-Tech solution will need to handle the establishment of an online storefront for Internet sales. The project requires adding this capability to the company website (OneSoap already has a website). The sales application needs to have both desktop and Smartphone capabilities.
Z-Tech needs to determine if the store website capability should be built using the company web hosting platform or if an outsourced solution should be utilized for the project (contracting for a web based store application modified for the OneSoap brand). Z-Tech is responsible for the determination of either option and will have project management responsibility for all aspects of the project.
The Internet based application will need to have sales performance and site visit reports to measure performance and effectiveness of the business approach. The inventory and financial reports will be
provided by the company ERP system. Both systems will need reporting for system reconciliation. Due to the nature of the immediate need for an Internet presence, any additional enhancements will be considered for future phases of development after the initial launch.
From our review of comparable project efforts at Z-Tech, the estimates to support this project will take approximately 4 months of development/configuration and roughly cost $95,000 US.
The Final Exam Project Assignment:
Please use the knowledge and tools learned in this course to complete this project. Utilize the templates and approach used in your group project to produce the following deliverables:
1. Create a Project Management Plan for this project. Make sure to use the PMI Project Management Plan template to cover all aspects of the project plan ; (10 points)
2. Use Microsoft Project to create an optimized project schedule for the project. First create a task list and arrange the tasks logically and in a time order. Then assign the necessary resources to the tasks, assign costs to the resources, establish a project baseline, mark all milestones and show the project schedule status at week 8; (8 points).
3.Produce a budget for the project. Have a budget breakdown to sufficiently outline various project costs, i.e., hardware costs, software costs, staffing costs, consulting staff costs, miscellaneous costs, etc. for the project documentation. Provide a detailed cost estimate in Microsoft Excel with supporting details for the project tasks in each milestone area; (8 points)
4. Produce a project status report. Report the project status after the first 7-8 weeks of the project. (Please assume that not all items are at 100% completion rate and at the planned/scheduled completion time); (4 points)
5. In the project schedule, please make sure to use one of the columns with the associated project costs for each task group. Please remember the total cost should be approximately $95,000 US and you should estimate the usage and cost of resources accordingly.
The following are the instructions on completing / delivering your work:
• Please remember to submit all files by the March 15, 2021 11:45 PM deadline. Use MS Word for your status report and project plan; use MS Project for your schedule of project activities; use MS Excel for your budget summary and detailed budget.
• DO NOT zip your files; submit individual files for your work. After submission, please verify that all your files are in the SUBMISSION Final Exam Project folder. (The files will allow me to look at your original work if I have questions)
Reminders about the status report:
1. It should have a title and reporting date. Use one of the Project Management Templates for your report.
2. It should start with a summary of the overall status of the project
3. Schedule status & budget status are the two most important factors in the report: Are we on budget? Are we on schedule? Are there exceptions to be noted?
4. The status report should contain a snapshot of the main aspects of a project: which phase we are currently on; how many people are on staff now; what are the next steps.
5. Report any major events that may have impacted the budget and schedule and any potential cost savings from the original budget.
6. Highlight that you might need assistance to resolve an issue. Present to the business owner of this small firm a project scenario needing clarification or direction.
7. Any data / charts should only be used to illustrate your main reporting points.
Final work submission:
Your final paper submission (recommendation) should contain the following –
Cover page (1 page),
Project Management Plan (8-10 pages in .doc or .pdf format),
Project Budget (1-2 pages in .xls format),
Project Schedule (1-2 pages in .mpp and .pdf format),
Project Status Report for week 8 of the project (1 page in .doc or .pdf format).

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