your second assignment is a Mock Trial divided into three parts: 1st part: Case preparation report (week 6), 2nd part: Mock trial (week 7) and 3nd part: Reflective report (week 8). But what is a mock trial? It’s a simulated trial! You will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of how real-life trials take place and develop your advocacy skills and critical thinking. Please see below for the instructions and the side that each group is going to defend in this trial.

LEGAL ISSUE/ TOPIC: Is Fraser Sand and Gravel Ltd. liable in negligence for a teenager’s injuries?

These injuries occurred when the teenager was dirt biking in a gravel pit operated by Fraser Sand and Gravel Ltd. The teenager rode his/her bike up a hill that suddenly dropped off because Fraser Sand and Gravel Ltd. had removed a portion of the hill for their gravel operations.