Monetary policies implemented during 1960 – 1970.

“A) Guidelines for Submission: 
Your monetary policies milestone should be 3–5 slides, not including title or reference slides, and include speaker notes to accompany the slides. Your reference list slide needs to be in APA format.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
· Examine the monetary policies in place at the start of 1960 – 1970 history in relation to their effects on macroeconomic issues. For instance, consider the discount rate set by the Fed, the rates on reserves, open market operations, and so on.
· Analyze new monetary policy actions undertaken by the U.S. government throughout the time period by describing their intended effects, using macroeconomic principles to explain the actions. 
· Explain the impact of the new monetary policy actions on individuals and businesses within the economy by integrating the macroeconomic data and principles.

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