“Create a Word document with the requested discussion (historical accuracy of Apollo 13, plausibility/accuracy of The Martian, etc.) andsources.
movie options:
 The Right Stuff – discuss historical accuracy
Apollo 13 – discuss historical accuracy
Hidden Figures – discuss historical accuracy
 The Martian – discuss scientific/technological accuracy and plausibility
Interstellar – discuss scientific/technological accuracy and plausibility
1. Do NOTinclude a summary of the movie.
2. If your source is web-based, include the URL and a screen capture with the particular references marked(highlighted, circled, marked with an arrow, etc.).  Example of marked screen capture:

3. If your source is text-based, include title, author, publisher or publication, date, page, and a scan of the source with the particular references marked.  Example of marked scan:

You must include at least 2 sources.
4. insert all into the Word document and save asMovie Titleby your last name
5. upload to the lab assignment folder
6. No credit will be earned without annotated references OR if your work includes a summary of the movie.

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