MRKT 223 SEM Campaign Assignment 1 Assignment Help

MRKT 223 SEM Campaign Assignment 1 Assignment Help

The Sleepy Sloth is a new Canadian ecommerce small business which sells locally made, organic and sustainable baby clothing. You are helping The Sleepy Sloth increase their paid search traffic and ultimately online sales.

  1. Audience and Keyword research (70 points)

First, you conduct keyword research to determine what keywords The Sleepy Sloth audience is most likely to use to search for the product(s).

  1. Who is the primary audience of this campaign? What are the characteristics of the audience (include demographics, interests, behaviors etc.; try to be as specific as possible)? (15)
  2. What does the online customer journey of the audience look like? (15)
  3. What is/are the benefit(s) of the product to the audience? (10)
  4. What keywords do you think your audience is likely to use to search for the product(s)? (10)
  5. Create a TRIAL account at* and conduct a domain analysis in Canada
  • Provide 1-2 screenshots which show domain analysis including keywords (10)
    • What are the top paid keywords currently used? Indicate the following: (5)
    • Using the excel sheet provided, what additional keywords (2-3) would you recommend and why? (5) (Note: You can sort each column in the Excel sheet)

*Note that SEMRush’s trial only allows you limited attempts. To gather enough data, you may need to use the site over a few days and/or use a different email.

  • Designing your ads (30)

You want to design an ad that will resonate with your audience using a clear and consistent message that they will find once they land on the The Sleepy Sloth website. This is an example of an ad which this company has been running:

MRKT 223 SEM Campaign Assignment 1 Assignment Help

However, as we know, it’s hard to know what ad may work and so you decide to run three versions of one ad to determine which ad will yield the better results.

Based on the additional keywords you recommend in 1e) design 3 different ads using this free tool (Take screenshots of each ad variation) (30)

Assignment Guidelines:

-Use the above headers and bold them in your assignment (number your answers; e.g. 1e, 2b etc.)

-Convert your word document to PDF and submit PDF as a Turnitin assignment

-If necessary, you are welcome to use external sources and citations (use latest APA format)

-This is an individual assignment and those who plagiarise will be flagged and penalized. The tools used above provide live updates and you should not use the same screenshots.

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