MSN 600 mod 6

MSN 600 mod 6 Assignment Help

Search for a quality initiative article or evidence-based practice article. prefer within last 5 years

Use the article to discuss the following questions:

What is the practice gap or problem identified in the article you selected?

What was the solution to the practice gap or problem identified in the article?

Think about the positivist versus constructivist paradigm. From which perspective (positivist or constructivist paradigm) do you view the world? Explain why.

Think about the research article you selected.  How would your perspective (positivist or constructivist paradigm) influence the solution if it were implemented in the practice setting?

In the research article, were ethical safeguards identified?  If not, what ethical safeguards would you expect to see?  Were there vulnerable groups included in the research?

What form of data or metrics is identified as important?  Was the research qualitative or quantitative?

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