NUR-300-H4098 7-1 Nursing Organizations and Political Involvement

1. Identify one nursing organization that you have been a member of, are currently a member of, or would like to be an active member of. Briefly describe the committee or organization and the benefits of membership.

2. Discuss ways for nurses to increase political involvement and the implications if they do not participate in political processes and discussions.

I am not in an origination so please pick the best one to right about!



This article provides an overview of professional nursing organizations, the value of involvement, and the benefits of membership.


This article, published by the American Nurses Association, describes competencies for nurses serving on boards or committees.


The authors of this article provide a review of literature that confirms nursing involvement in political actions is important for healthcare.

I also put in the files some of the nursing organization you can pick remember to pick the best one.

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