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“Globesity and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight
Watch the video about Globesity and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight. After watching the video, answer the three critical thinking questions listed below. We will use this space to build, as a group our own body of knowledge to several topics covered in the course. There is no minimum contribution to the Blogs. You should read it and post comments or questions to me and to your fellow students about the topic. The Blogs make up part of your Blogs/Case Studies grade. Your grade will be determined based on the amount and quality of your contributions in the Blogs.
TIP: Click the icon above to watch the video (includes CC and transcript). The link opens in a new window, close the window to return to this section of your course.
Critical Thinking Questions:
Why would someone suggest that fast food is highly addictive? What could be an explanation for this?
How does having younger people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes affect society and its well being in general?
Describe any two ways that the Chinese authorities could try to control the threat of obesity in their country.
Make sure to:
Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words.
Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.
Address all questions.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
If you researched your topic and are using information from what you learned, remember to cite your sources.

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