“ASSIGNMENTS: Grades will be based on two Observation visits to two places of worship founded by African Americans, Headed by African Americans, and with a dominate African American congregation.  Grading scale can be checked on ilearn in a week or less.

Weeks One and Two Jan 27-Feb 7   First assignment due Friday, Feb 7 by 10PM

For these first two weeks of class, there are two steps in the assignment:
View and listen to the bio on Mahalia Jackson, on YouTube .

Note: You will notice that this bio of the late great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson mentions that she was born in a “shotgun house.” A shotgun house is a narrow rectangular domestic residence, no more than about 12 feet wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other and doors at each end of the house, with no hallways. Some people say they are called shotgun houses because if a bullet was ever fired through the front door it would go straight through and out the back door without hitting a wall; however,  the  name  is actually rooted in the word “shogun,” a West Africa word that means “God’s House.” And the design of the shotgun house in based on African architecture. 
Write a 3-page essay on your interest in taking this class. Keep in mind that this  class is notabout getting people to join a religion; it is a study of Black Americans in charge of their own religions and voices.  Include in this essay that you take this class with the understanding that it requires students to make  two visits to African American places of worship and write an observation visit report. 
Please make this essay assignment  an example of your very best writing of a college essay. Near the heading of your essay put a photo of yourself. 
Your essay  must have the following and the grade for it will be based on the writing as well as the content:
1)   an original title you create
2)   a minimum of 3 indented paragraphs
a.   introduction paragraph, 
b.   development paragraph(s), that
c.    concluding paragraph. 
3)   Include in this essay a response to the Mahalia Jackson bio that you viewed on  YouTube  .