Observing Young Children- Essay Help

“Rationale: In order to plan for developmentally appropriate experiences, a teacher needs to be aware of developmental characteristics of children birth to 8 years of age. 
Description: EVERYONE WILL RESEARCH the five age groups: Newborns (Birth-One Month), Infants/Toddlers (1-24 months), Young Children (2-5 years old), School Age (6 year olds), and School Age (7-8 year olds) AND DO the following: 
1. Summarize the information, and identify developmental theories and trends that provide support.
2. Indicate the warning signs for atypical development in that EACH age group.
3. Present observation exercises and forms, which may be used.
4. CREATE a developmentally appropriate activity for your age group that would facilitate an informal method of assessment.
Assignment guide:
A-Developmental Milestone: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/childdevelopment/positiveparenting/preschoolers.html.
B- Attached Developmental Theories guide.”

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