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The existence of internet has changed the way things are done. Every sector has tried to adopt to the new technology the best way they can. The education sector has been on the forefront of using technology. Colleges and universities have introduced online learning platforms to cater for students across the world. Similarly, online assignment helpers have identified the gap and have developed ways of helping students to improve their grades.

However, ordering an academic can be quit tricky. The existence of dozens of websites doesn’t mean that all of them are genuine. Some of them can help you out while some will cheat you and get away with your cash. Not only that, some are comprised of substandard writers. They may even cost you your grades. So, what should you look out for when Ordering assignment help services online? To begin with, it is your personal responsibility to take into account possible risks and consequences when outsourcing assignment help services online. Remember the price you may have to pay will be higher that what you have paid for academic help.

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Be Safe

There is an argument around the ethical side of online assignment help services. The truth is, if it is used well, it is a valid and helpful academic assistance option. I you think at it, is using a tutor or taking special classes considered unethical? Academic writing service is one way of enhancing your grades as well as saving time. That being said, ordering an essay online may still be a risk, this is why I will walk you through common risks and how to know whether you are working with the right company.


This is the first and most important aspect you should look for to determine whether academic help is reliable. Some main questions you should ask yourself is; can anyone from my university know about this? Is my personal information safe? When ordering assignment help services online you have no other option but to disclose some personal information such as email, phone number, credit card details, course details, etc. A trustworthy and reliable assignment help company will have confidentiality policies stated on their website. The policies will be to bind themselves to protect its customers’ information.


A legit company allows the client to have full rights to the paper as soon as the customer has paid, in this, the client owns the paper and can submit it as their own work. The company is burned from reusing a paper that has been submitted to the customer. The essay may be sued as groundwork and build upon it. An assignment help service provider give you content to start off from when you do not have time to conduct your research.

Original Content

Essay writing services should ensure that whatever they submit to the client is not already pre-written. They should make sure that it is plagiarism free and not just copied from the internet. A company such as ensures that they submit your paper alongside with a plagiarism report. You and the company you decide to outsource from should make sure that they submit the report for your own perusal.


Lastly, the question of ‘is academic help reliable’ cannot be answered without looking at quality of the paper that will be submitted. Reliable writing companies do not compromise on quality. They ensure that all instructions are carefully looked at and answered. They carefully conduct research based on instructions or rubric sent. The paper requires to be carefully written, using proper grammar and all sources used referenced in the paper. A reliable assignment help company ensures that it hires the best professionals to handle student work. Again, experts should only handle papers they are qualified for.

My last words will be. There are many options that should be looked at when looking for reliable academic help services. At the same time, there are a lot of scammers out there. The key here is to minimise the risk. With the above mentioned ideas you will be able to avoid the biggest risks there is in outsourcing academic help services. It is also very advisable to look for reviews from third party websites to know whether a company is scam or not. This sites provides reviews based on customer experiences or website audits through

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