ONPS2510/2521-Rheology and Food Biophysics

Rheology is a key component for quality control in food manufacture. With this in mind, this assignment asks students to focus on the rheological properties of first, daily bread with or without gluten, and second, biscuit dough with or without gluten and effects on baked biscuits. In doing so, you can utilize the teaching and learning resources from the library of RMIT University to access electronic media (journals, books, newspapers, etc.) in order to carry out your investigation.
In developing a discussion paper on the above subject do the following:
i) Give a detailed protocol of ingredients and their rheological properties that can be used in designing the formulation of daily bread and biscuit dough with or without gluten
ii) Include the structural and rheological role of these ingredients in both final products
iii) Provide a detailed account of the conditions of baking daily bread and biscuits and their effect on rheological characteristics of the final products
iv) Carry out an extensive literature review that relates to expected viscosity readings of daily bread and biscuit dough, with or without gluten in formulations
v) Emphasize the transformation of the viscoelastic dough to the final baked product in terms of small-deformation dynamic oscillation behaviour and overall large-deformation textural properties
vi) Based on your findings, provide a recommendation to industry, for the types of additives/treatments/alterations to production that may help improve the texture of gluten free daily bread and biscuits
Develop your arguments in the way that you would implement this work as part of a research and development program in a food company.
This individual assessment is in lieu of the final exam and will contribute 35% of the course marks. It will be assessed and graded by the instructors of the course in the normal way. The criteria for marking will be: Technical Content, Layout, Referencing, and Clarity and Grammar, and a detailed rubric is provided in the final pages of this assignment.
References should be cited in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) system. Full details of this system and referencing generally may be found on the RMIT Library Home Page under Referencing Guides.
It is recommended that the font size of your report is 12 Times New Roman with appropriate margins. There is no word or page requirement although a 10-page single-space report, including tables, figures and references, would be perfect.

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