Personal Letter – Construct a letter focused on persuading the reader to change his or her stance or opinion.

Personal Letter – Construct a letter focused on persuading the reader to change his or her stance or opinion.
Think about a personal opinion you hold in which someone close to you (friend, family member, etc.) disagrees. Appeal to your reader in an emotional manner using appropriate language and strategies such as motivation, inspiration, etc., to write a personal, passionate letter in an effort to get your reader to agree with your perspective. Kindly play off the reader’s emotions to draw him or her into your argument. Make sure your appeals are legitimate and straightforward so that you avoid using logical fallacies in your efforts.
Use letter format, provided at the end of these instructions, and begin with an introduction that explains your topic. Make a fluid transition into the thesis where you issue your opinion as well as three reasons that support your claim. Present and argue each of the three reasons in three separate body paragraphs. Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your appeals and makes one final effort to sway your reader.
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Dear Reader,
Abortion is a topic which has been in the minds of many individuals for the longest period of time. The discussion begins with the consideration of whether abortion should be legalized or not. Many forums have been held ranging from the health practitioners, the government, religious leaders, and traditional leaders. A consensus has never been reached whether abortion should be legalized or not. For instance, in countries like the US, all houses of representation have held legal and social consultative sittings to discuss the issue of abortion. Some argue that abortion should be made legal while others still maintain that abortion is illegal. However, in some states abortion is legal under certain conditions, for instance, if a licensed medical practitioner gives findings that the life of the unborn child and the pregnant mother are at risk, then abortion can be carried in a safe and secure manner. In most countries of the world, this is the procedure followed in order for an abortion to be termed as legal. Further, most of the religious leaders and the traditional community leaders are against abortion. However, a friend of mine argues that abortion should be carried out wherever the mother feels the need to do so without any limitations. In my opinion, abortion should remain illegal unless as per the medical report, pregnancy is a high risk. I will provide my main reasons why I still believe abortion is illegal.
Abortion is a Very Risky Procedure
Due to the fact that abortion is illegal in most places of the world; some of the expectant mothers who wish to go ahead with the procedure without it being certified by a licensed doctor, choose to do it through illegal means. By making use of illegal means, most of the pregnant mothers seek the services of doctors who are not licensed to carry out the abortion procedures. Since the medical practitioners are not licensed to carry out an abortion, they don’t have the required experience and equipment required in order to carry out an abortion which is safe. Thus, they end up carrying out abortion using unsafe devices and procedures. In most cases, though abortion is successful, the side effects are not desirable. For instance, when abortion has been carried illegally, the pregnant females might end up losing their wombs or their uterus lining might become weak, which means they can’t carry a successful pregnancy for nine months. These females have been denied the chance of siring kids of their own in the future since they conducted abortions illegally. In some of the cases, the pregnant mothers end up bleeding to death, which is very unfortunate.
It Encourages Unprotected Sex
To begin, unprotected sex results in consequences which greatly affect the future of an individual. In order to avoid pregnancies, family planning methods such as e-pills are used. In the first place, e-pills are not that healthy. Back to our main topic, through unprotected sex, pregnancy is the final result. If abortion is made legal, people would engage in illegal sex with the choice that even though family planning methods fail, then abortion is an option. Community norms and moral behaviors will be eroded in such circumstances.
Abortion is considered to be against religion/ moral society
In various research methods and approaches, I have not found one religion in the world, which is in favor of abortion being legalized. Though some religious leaders call for it to be legalized, they do it on their own behalf and their views are not shared by their religion. Basing my arguments on the four major religions of the world, Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, and the Buddhism, none of them seem to favor abortion being legalized. Most of the religions teach that life is sacred having being created and conceptualized through some spiritual powers. The same way the act which leads to the creation of life, for instance, sex having been blessed and termed to be holy; hence, anyone who engages in an act which might lead to the termination of life is a sin. Briefly quoting the bible, it says that anyone who engages in the killing of innocent Gods creation is a cursed being for the entirety of his/her life and the entire generation”. Thus a woman who engages in abortion is a cursed being in Christianity. All the other religions share the same criteria too. Instead, what the religion advice on is that once a woman is pregnant and has no ability to raise the newborn, then the religious leaders and the followers can take up the role of raising the child. Further, just to mention a little bit on most traditional societies in the world, raising a child is considered to be the duty of the community. Thus, rather than engage in abortion and kill an innocent fetus, it is advisable to give birth, then leave the duty of raising the child to the community.
Having explained all the above to the best of my ability, I hope the readers get to have a second thought and consider revising the earlier stance. By legalizing abortion, it would bring a lot of social and religious evils to society. Further, abortion can lead to the death of both the unborn being and the expectant mother. Thus, abortion should remain illegal.

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