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People have the tendency to portray themselves in a unique way. They always go for the unique identifiers so that they may stand out when in the midst of others. In this paper, I will summarize the work of Myers and Briggs on how people bring out their personalities.
The collaboration of Myer and her mother in researching for a way to tell the personality of a person brought out various ways of evaluating the attributes that a person has (Cherry). The personality indicator was made with the aim of determining strong points of a person, likes and the character or personality of the person. They came up with a questionnaire which comprised of four scales that were different (Cherry). For the first scale of extraverts, they tend to be happy with other people a contrast of the introverts who turn to themselves and prefer thinking and thus feel energized when they are alone (Cherry). The second scale involves the use of sense, where individuals who use the latter pays more attention to real-life situations whereas the intuiting type of people has more attention to possibilities.
The other category of the scale is of the thinking or feeling type. On this scale, individuals either make choices based on their thoughts or the feeling that they have. The last scale in the questionnaire is the judgmental and the perceivers type of individual (Cherry). For the judgmental type, they consider the structure and strong assertions. For the perceptive, they are open and cope with circumstances.
In the research, it was observed that all answers are correct as they are meant to distinguish which side does the individual lies. According to Myers & Briggs, every type is considered to be equally important as the other. The indicator has therefore been adopted globally due to its user-friendliness and ease of use.

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