For the following assignment, you will submit one file with answers to all of the questions below. It may be a scan of a handwritten assignment if you prefer that to typing the answer, but if you choose to do so, make sure it is completely legible. It can be either a PDF or a word document. This assignment is out of 35 points.

1. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (3pts)

a) Name one unnecessary but sufficient condition for having a career.
b) Name one necessary and sufficient condition for being a boss.
c) Name one necessary but insufficient condition for being drunk.

2. Definitions (8 pts)

Provide a definition for each the following that are structured according to the textbook’s four steps (“slogan,” “expand,” “examples,” and “contrasts”):

a) Documentary
b) Sculpture

3. Argument Diagrams (6 pts)

Extract the argument from the following text and provide an argument diagram. Provide one missing premise. Remember to represent any sub-arguments and dependent support.

Christmas is by far the best holiday. Thanksgiving is overrated. Thanksgiving doesn’t involve getting presents and the turkey is always too dry. There are loads of movies made about Christmas and Christmas movies are the best.

4. Validity (2pts)

By using the counterexample method, explain why the following argument is invalid.

1. Candy gives you cavities
2. Anything you stick in the freezer isn’t candy
3. Nothing in the freezer gives you cavities

5. Lewis Carroll Models (6 pts)

Use Lewis Carroll Models to determine whether the following arguments are valid. Show your work.

1. Brutalist buildings are made primarily of concrete
2. Robarts Library is a brutalist building
3. Robarts is made primarily of concrete

1. Some file folders are red.
2. Some file folders are green.
3. Some file folders are red and green.

6. Truth Tables (6 pts)
Put each of the following arguments into its argument form. That means identifying the connectives and assigning sentence letters to the simple sentences being connected. Then make a truth table for the argument. Answer whether or not the argument is valid.

1. The canvas is red and the paint is blue
2. Either it’s not the case that the paint is blue or the painting is purple
3. The painting is purple

1. If the cows come home, then I will dance with you
2. I will dance with you
3. The cows will come home

7. Gricean Deductions (4 pts)

For each of the following, use a Gricean Deduction to identify one proposition that might be implicated. Write out the Gricean Deduction (i.e. show your work).

a) Mary asks her friend Mark if he has decided to go with her and Susan to the movies that night. He responds: “I’ll be at your house by 6.”

b) Matt asks a cashier whether or not a cleaning product is effective. The cashier responds: “I think you should buy it.”