“You are only submitting a topic for Approval at this stage. YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING THE PAPER. A few details about your research paper:(select the topic for research paper based on the chapters below and  write few details about it(500 words).
Chapter 3 – Influence of Physical Design
Chapter 4 – Approaches to Physical Security
Chapter 5 – Security Lighting
Chapter 6 – Focus on Electronic Devices for Entry into locations.
Chapter 7 – Use of Locks – Focus on Key Operated Mechanisms
Chapter 8 – Explain why do employees steal?
Chapter 9 – External Threats and Countermeasures
Chapter 10 – Biometrics in Criminal Justice System and Society Today
Chapter 11 – Access Control Systems and Identification Badges
Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the student will:
· Recognize basic threats to an organization& physical security and identify the security mechanisms used
· in securing an enterprise environment.
·  Identify the security mechanisms and strategies used to protect the perimeter of a facility.
·  Identify the appropriate physical security mechanisms to implement in a given scenario.
·  Identify the appropriate mechanisms and controls for securing the inside of a building or facility.
 Select the most appropriate intrusion detection technology for a scenario.
Subject resources:
Fennelly, Lawrence. Effective Physical Security. ELSEVIER, 2017. 
Print ISBN: 978-0-12-804462-9
Other articles and readings may be assigned by course professor.
Recommended Materials/Resources 
Harris, Shon. All in One CISSP Exam Guide, Sixth Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2013.
• International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²® – This Web site provides access to current industry information. It also provides opportunities in networking and contains valuable career tools. http://www.isc2.org/ 
• ISACA – This Web site provides access to original research, practical education, career-enhancing certification, industry-leading standards, and best practices. It also provides a network of likeminded colleagues and contains professional resources and technical/managerial publications. https://www.isaca.org/Pages/default.aspx”

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