“Digital data has to be physically located somewhere i.e.country,state,building,servers with access control.Which require perimeterand internal controls.Without physical control the data stored on them is vulnerable as maliciouspeople can do whatever they want from destroying it, altercation, disclose it. Physical controls are your first line of defense.
You work as an independent consultant within physical security, you are hired to choose a location for an IT start company that just received a multi-million dollar government contract to provide cloud services. Although the companywill handle non-sensitive information you will provide consultations as the information was sensitive.
1.apa , 2 or 3 pages ,abstarct .

Task and Tips:

You are to research a real location, a building that is for sale
Cost of the building?
Will you use security guards?

What area will they monitor?

What perimetercontrols will be used
What internal controls will be implemented


Google Earth to see the physical layout,
Zillow3Dis helpful.
FEMA Perimeter Security Design