“Pick a major event that has occurred in the last 10-20 years, but not in the last 3 years (it needs to be at least a few years old, in other words).
Locate examples of at least four of these types of information about the event and plot it in a timeline:

Social media or news
Scholarly journal

Looking at these sources, what are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they each contribute to our understanding of an event?

he date of the event (which means at least five dates on your timeline).
You may create your timeline any way you wish. Sutori (Links to an external site.) is an online timeline creator. You may also use Word, PowerPoint, or even draw it out and scan or take a picture of it.
For your four sources, include the title/author/date and type of source. Please include a link for each, whether it’s to a tweet, an online news site, or a link to a catalog record or academic journal in a database.
Please also include a brief paragraph about how the different sources help you understand the event in different ways.