Policy Advocacy OpEd

Approved issue
The issues I am passionate about and will base my Op-Ed on is child sex trafficking, specifically the lack of education available or preventative measures in place.
Fox News
Once your issue is approved, research all the background information you need in order to write your article. Your Op-Ed must be thoroughly researched as each newspaper or publication has different requirements. As you write your draft:
Gain a full understanding of the issue and the legislation tied to it including:
what the main problem is;
why people should care;
what possible solutions may be available.
Highlight how Hispanics and other minority groups may be affected (if possible).
Align with the principles, ethics, and culturally competent language of the social work profession.
Include recommendations or call for action based on evidence.
Please note that the word “draft” is being used to mean “on-going project”. The expectation is that you will submit a complete professional written document, free of spelling and grammar errors.
In a paper of no more than 750 words (if the news media source you are planning to submit has a different word requirement, notify your instructor), submit your draft for review in Week 4.
See the tips in the highlighted section below for further guidance.

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