Policy Analysis Paper

“The aim of the Policy Analysis Paper is to enable students to systematically analyze a policy problem and to make an informed policy choice. This paper will be completed in four phases and, at the end, each student will have a full Policy Analysis Paper. This is the first part of the paper:
 Define and Analyze the Problem
Select a policy problem of your interest. It can be a local, state or national issue that interests or worries you. You must address the following questions (for more details, check the Kraft and Furlong Textbook (6th Ed.), Chapter 4-5):
1. What is the problem faced?
2. Where does it exist?
3. Who or what is affected?
4. How did it develop?
5. What are major causes?
6. How might the causes be affected by policy action?
7. Who are the policy actors?
Develop a problem statement using these questions. The statement should not be more than 2 pages long, 1.5 space. The problem must be stated very clearly. 
Please provide references for any information, data or arguments you use to establish the problem. 
Use APA referencing style

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