“Develop a 1-2 page paper addressing the following
If you had to select a track in the foreign service, which would be your first two choices
– Describe the tracks
– Describe why you want to pursue them
What place in the world would you like to be stationed?  What positive difference would you want to make?
In your opinion, what is the role of the United States with regards to International Policy?
Format in APA format with a title page, in-text citations and references
The paper should accurately identify concepts contained in the material, and provide a deeper reflection on how the concepts impact the foreign policy and the understanding of the role of the United States on international issues.  The paper should be written in APA format using Times Roman 12-point font and double spaced.  It should contain an APA title page, in-text references and a reference page.  The assignment should be approximately 1-2 pages in length, but there is no set maximum number of pages.

PLEASE CITE THINK: American Government 2012 (4th Edition) Neal Tannahill, Longman Publishing ISBN-13: 978-0205856008  REFER TO CHAPTERS 16&17