“Watch “”13th”” on either Netflix or now on Youtube, available here:  13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix
REMINDER – This film contains depictions of violence, simulated rape (very brief), real footage of prison fights and beatings, as well as footage of the aftermath of police shootings.  Please take a break while watching if you begin to feel anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable because of previous experiences.
***IF you choose to do the readings, please do your best to fill out this guide based on the readings.  You will have to adjust a bit, but you will still find the same general information.
Please take notes on the following topics and answer the questions at the end:
1.  Keep track of the different prison populations for each year shown – just track year and population number. (10 pts)
2.  List all of the major policies you hear covered in the film and try to include the year they were passed or proposed.  (10 pts)
3.  Write down THREE key points you took away regarding the Civil Rights movement.  (10 pts)
4.  Write down THREE key points you took away regarding the connection between drug policy and mass incarceration.  (10 pts)
4.  Please provide at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) in which you reflect on the film and how public policy impacts different groups.  Keep in mind, that everything in the film is the result of public policy, be it the 13th Amendment up through the different policies designed to deal with drugs.  Consider who wrote the policies and how they happened – could a different policy approach have had a different result.  Please share any other thoughts you have on the film. (20 pts)