Portfolio Writing- Personal Statement

Post a 300 word introduction of yourself. In your introductions, be sure to mention your professional goals, academic majors, and historical interests.
My name is Humoud Malallah and major is Mechanical Engineering. My goals to graduate and this semester I will be. For history interests just write some basic information. And I only need 300 to 320 words. No more no less.

Personal Statement

My interest in the science-related subjected step back in my high school years. I was an “A” student and excelled mostly in mathematics, chemistry, and physics subjects. The consistency of my performance in STEM-related subjected prompted me to consider a career in the field of engineering. As a child I was fascinated by historical interest about anything relating to mechanics of how vehicles, trains, and aero planes work or operate. Notably, I would visit neighborhood garages to observe how vehicles were repaired. This triggered a desire to become a mechanic in future. Therefore, after the completion of my high school, I applied to join my current university.

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