Presentation ideas by Bittman

In my opinion, some of the presentation ideas by Bittman are educative and relevant to the current eating lifestyle of people across the world. Keenly listening to the video, I discovered we have some similar thoughts in mind when it comes to matters of food. Even though I do not agree with all he said, at least three-quarters of what he presented made a lot of sense to me. I totally agree with him on the hoax concerning organic animal products. People have no control over knowing whether a chicken or goat meat shipped from another country is a 100 percent organic. The product is labeled organic due to what it feeds on, but in the real sense, the commodity is genetically modified. My take is, people should consume the item if they want to but never boast of eating healthy organic food. Secondly, I concur with Bittman, as people should eat good food which they are aware of the content in it. Food processing companies are taking advantage of the naivety of people by tricking them into buying canned food which they lie as real organic food. For me, real food is never processed and transferred to cold rooms, but is directly accessed from the nearest farm.  Instead of eating processed grains, buy the original grains from the farm and cook at home. Thirdly, I am in agreement with the idea of poor pyramid chart created by USDA because USDA never provided a guideline on the correct vegetables and fruits people should eat. USDA mislead the people by allowing them to eat a lot of junk foods and only supplement with bits of fruits and some vegetables. The end result is, most of the US residents continued to feed on heavy calories that are hard for the body to digest.  I firmly believe that, it is impossible to treat animals in a humane way as presented by Bittman because the statistics indicate a high number of animals being slaughtered yearly in the US.
A capitalist economy is controlled by the private sector for profit-making purposes. The US food system is largely controlled by private investors who are influenced by the desire to make profits at the expense of people’s health. Food manufacturing companies have converted healthy foods into fast foods with a bid of increasing sales which culminate to huge profits. The high number of fast foods restaurants in the US is evidence that the food system in the country is more of a capitalist nature.
I usually take keen on the kind of foods I eat. I am a believer in eating traditional foods like cassava. Due to the high prevalence of diseases like diabetes, that at times emanate from our eating lifestyle habits, I like eating fresh vegetables and fruits more as opposed to processed meat. From the discussion by Bittman, I see my eating habits reflected in the video. First, Bittman advises people in regard to being aware of what they consume. For my case, I have learned to balance food on my table to ensure I eat healthily. I love eating home cooked food, which Bittman advocates in his video presentation. Finally, I rarely take junk foods, as I know the calories content in them is high and result in health problems as indicated by Bittman.
Bittman, M. (2008). What’s wrong with what we eat. Retrieved from

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