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Description: For your third assessment in WRIT1000, you need to submit a 1000-word draft of your final piece. A draft piece of writing is an opportunity to test out your ideas, sort out what sources are most compelling, work on your style, and determine whether or not you are on the right track. Your final piece of writing is going to be longer by 500 words, so you won’t be able to provide everything in this draft. Instead, you are submitting a work-in-progress.
By this point in the process, your academic piece of writing should definitely:
~ Have a tentative title
~ Have an argument (a main idea, question to answer, claim to make, etc.) that is clear, specific, and well-articulated
~ Have at least 3 academic sources (including the source from the previous assessment) that you refer to, quote from, and discuss. These MUST be properly cited.
~ Have the beginnings of a structure that is relevant to your field (e.g. scientific report, longform article, research essay, legal opinion, etc.)
~ A bibliography (only include references that you have used in your draft)
Your marker should be able to tell what you are arguing, what evidence you are using, and get a sense of some of the conclusions you are likely to draw. You might like to draft your opening and concluding sections, and start to fill in some of the inbetween material. You are not submitting a totally polished, perfect response at this point, so please know that your markers will be treating these as drafts–which is what they are!
Depending on your chosen discipline, topic, and style, you might be writing a literary analysis, a book review, a scientific report, a legal opinion, a longform piece of journalism, an educational commentary, a psychological report, etc. etc. This means that your draft should look like whatever form you are trying to emulate. One good hint for how to do this is look at an equivalent article from your chosen area. Most academic journals also have style guides or submission guidelines that you can look up on their websites. Whatever you have chosen to do, the form of your project should be taking shape.

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