Assignment 1: Network Analysis and Scheduling

You have been tasked to act as the Project Manager for a new in portal frame unit I wish built in West Port, on NZ South Island. My intention is to provide support facilities for new tourism infrastructure intended to make up for recent ‘downsizing’ of mining in the area. My company has a strong image of being both environmentally sensitive as well as being respectful of the mana possessed by the tangata whenua of the local iwi – as such I have engaged an architect directly to develop a scheme design and get that through consent prior to engaging a contractor to construct the project.

This is particularly important since the chosen site is relatively close to a Marae and community centre operated in close collaboration with the local Iwi. I have gone to the market and asked for tenders to construct the project, and the winning tender has given a very competitive price (a Guaranteed Maximum Price – GMP) provided that he can construct using a D&B system using the architectural drawings produced as a scheme design. The architect for the project is based in Auckland. The intention is to develop a highly serviced building with the ability to develop extensively in the future. It is also my intention to ensure that facilities management costs are kept down through careful maintenance in the future. As a result the project will be fully rendered through Revit software – and a fully developed BIM model is part of the final finished project hand over. I have negotiated the continued involvement of my architect through a novation-type contract between the contractor and the architect.

You as the PM are effectively acting as the client representative during the delivery process, but are obviously closely reliant on the main contractor for co-operation during the project delivery process. You also have to ensure the effective engagement of the novated architect in the continued development of the project. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the BIM model will successfully transition to my ownership at the end of the project.

I am your client and I am sad to say that you were only able to take possession of the land and start the preliminary ground works 2 weeks after the provisionally agreed date for the commencement of works. When construction is 50% complete I decide that I would like to include an extension to incorporate additional office space and landscaping around the plant. Also as a result of unforeseen soil conditions the piling operations were delayed by two weeks for additional stabilisation works to take place. The ballpark cost is $10m. The cost of the additional works is budgeted for $500k.


1. Create a logically linked network (precedence chart) for the construction of the project. The network should contain between 60 and 70 activities. Do not include the provision of the facility specified in the development rationale. Ensure that you include those staggered starts, delayed finishes and start to finish logical relationships that reflect the reality of the construction process. It is expected that you may wish to consider: infrastructure; substructure; super-structure; internal trades (inc. services & finishes); external works. Use project planning software (e.g. Pertmaster, MS Project or Prima Vera etc) for the network analysis and Excel for the Gantt chart if you wish. Students may be required to justify/defend the overall period of build.
(Weighting 30%)

2. Select an appropriate scale and produce a Gantt chart derived from the network constructed in 1 (above). The start date for the project prior to the delay was to be the first working Monday after your Birthday this year. Adopt NZ industry standard holidays (Xmas, Easter, ANZAC day etc) (15%)
(Weighting 10%)

3. Using estimates of the total cost for each of the work packages in your network, develop a resource chart showing the weekly spend as the project progresses.
(Weighting 10%)

4. You have been closely monitoring the project since its start. The project is now 75% complete. Using the elements from 1-4 above, along with any other project control measures you are familiar with, develop a progress report for me as the client. Indicate the likely delays and finish date for the project. Develop your recommendation, based on critical and sub-critical activities and the likely availability of resources, on those activities you may wish to pay additional ‘crash costs’ in order to accelerate their completion.
(Weighting 20%)

5. Develop an outline plan as to who are likely to be the key or critical players for you as a PM to have to deal with. Given the outline nature of the procurement system adopted, what critical information flows are likely to deliver success or failure for the project? Explain how would you go about managing these communication channels a priori breaking ground on the project, and during the production phase?
(Weighting 15%)

6. The project as outlined contains some distinct problems from the point of project leadership. Explain what these challenges are and how you are likely to have to deal with them as the project develops. Consequently explain why you would expect that a D&B project system of procurement offers more project leadership problems for the PM compared to other procurement systems available. Also consider the impact of the need to incorporate BIM modelling into the desired outcome for the project. How will this affect the delivery and running of the project?

(Weighting 15%)

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