Proposal about the small molecule drug Doravirine.

I would like you to write a 2 page proposal about the small molecule drug Doravirine.
You can discuss why is it novel? why is it a good topic? you may also want to include figures from research papers to support the proposal.
I will attach two files.
1. a basic description about the drug
2. a research paper about the drug used to inhibit reverse transcriptase
you can use other resources as well.
The above topic promotes knowledge regarding the novel drug. For example, many users might think that changing the human immune system is the only side effect associated with Doravirine. Additionally, the drug is known to cause dizziness or nausea, especially when used for the first time. First, physicians recommend the drug to be administered twice in a day. The interval between the administrations of the drug is actually 12hours. The prescription must be strictly followed to avoid misuse. In case an individual finds out that he/she used the drug in the wrong manner, then he/she should immediately seek advice from a medic. Ignoring such a topic might leave many users of Doravirine in darkness. The research seeks to address the limitations and importance of Doravirine, especially in the clinical trials of creating a comparison as stipulated by the US HIV treatment guidelines.
Doravirine is established as an antiretroviral drug due to its performance in the human body. Doravirine help individuals living with the HIV-1 virus live longer despite their weak immune systems. The emergence of the drug is due to the high level of technology around. Some specialists refer the drug as MK-1439, due to the contents and technology used in the manufacturing process. Apart from reducing the effects of the HIV virus in the body, the drug helps in the prevention of HIV transmission. Doravirine demand comes along with the need for healthier and longer lives by HIV patients. The administration of the drug is, however, associated with some regulations. For example, it cannot be used by patients who previously used other antiretroviral drugs. This helps in the prevention of the side effects of the drug (Feng et al., 2016). For example, it can cause changes in how the immune system performs in the event is taken together with other antiretroviral drugs. The drug simply works by binding itself with the plasma membrane of the proteins found within the body, after which it is effectively transported throughout the body. The contents of the drug are found in the patient urine. Doravirine comes in form of tablets that weigh 100mgs, and its overdose or underdose result to poor performance. The drug was officially launched in August 2018, making it new in the market. Apart from that, Doravirine is not easily prototyped; thus cartels have no chance of producing and selling fake Doravirine. This makes the drug novel (Feng et al., 2015).
The molecular weight of the drug is approximately 57343 da. This makes the drug easily soluble; hence working very fast within the body. Just like any other drugs, it cannot be kept near the reach of children. If children consume the drug when not sick, they risk facing the same side effects. Besides, the drug is recommended for use by adults only, meaning that children who have the virus cannot be given the drug. The drug should be stored under room temperature that is between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius to avoid spoilage. Sometimes, Doravirine is packaged alongside some preservatives which provide good drying conditions for long-lasting. No air should be allowed into the drug package to prevent bacteria from thriving and reducing the strength of the drug. Since the drug was launched, many have benefitted through health improvement, making it a good way to go (Sanchez et al., 2018).
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