This course consists of two parts:
• Weekly online asynchronous lectures. You can access lecture videos (with quizzes embedded) and online MindTap assignments on Blackboard remotely.
• A weekly lab session. Your lab session’s format is either online synchronous (M002, M008, M010 to M014) or face-to-face (M003 to M007), depending on a specific lab session you are enrolled in. You can access all lab materials and assignments on Blackboard.

Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays
Pre-recorded lecture videos for the week posted to
Blackboard. All three assignments are due by 11:59 PM EST on Blackboard.
• Answer the quiz inside this week’s lecture video
• Submit the lab assignment assigned last week
• Complete the MindTap problem set for the chapter covered last week Attend your lab session
• Face-to-face labs will meet in 530C Huntington Hall
• Online synchronous labs will meet on Zoom; go to Blackboard for the link.

“What are the attendance policies?”

Attendance in classes is expected in all courses at Syracuse University. It is a federal requirement that I promptly notify the University of students who do not attend or cease to attend our class. But, because this is a hybrid course with an online lecture and because protecting your health is a priority, attendance will be evaluated based on the regularity with which you interact within our Blackboard course page and submit weekly assignments.

When you are not feeling well physically or mentally:

• If you are enrolled in a face-to-face lab session and get ill, please make arrangements with your TA to attend your lab session virtually on Zoom.

• If you are absent from class for an extended period (48 hours or more), please contact your home school/college Dean’s Office or the Case Management staff in the Dean of Students Office. The Case Management staff will require documentation for the absence. It will utilize Orange SUccess to send notifications to faculty to verify that documentation has been received for the stated absence. Barnes Center at the Arch (Health, Counseling, etc.) staff will not provide medical excuse notes for students. When Barnes Center staff determine it is medically necessary to remove a student from classes, they will coordinate with the case management staff to provide notification through Orange Success. For additional information:

• Mental health and overall wellbeing are significant predictors of academic success. As such, it is essential that during your college experience, you develop the skills and resources effectively to navigate stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Please familiarize yourself with the range of resources the Barnes Center provides ( and seek out support for mental health concerns as needed. Counseling services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, at 315.443.8000.

• Accommodations will be made for student-athletes who cannot attend class or exam or submit required work on time. Written documentation of the conflict (e.g., a letter from the relevant team official) must be submitted to the instructor within the first two weeks of class.

Faith Tradition Observances
• Syracuse University’s Religious Observances Policy recognizes the diversity of faiths represented in the campus community and protects the rights of students, faculty, and staff to observe religious holy days according to their traditions. Under the policy, students are given an opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work requirements that may be missed due to religious observance, provided students notify their instructors no later than the academic drop deadline. For observances occurring before the drop deadline, notification is required at least two academic days in advance. Students may enter their observances in MySlice under Student Services/Enrollment/My Religious Observances/Add a Notification.

“How will grade be determined?”

• Weekly Lecture Quizzes: 10%

o Within each week’s lecture video(s), a quiz is associated with the lecture content. The quiz will help students keep up with lectures, review what they learned through the lecture videos, and prepare for the week’s lab session. Make sure to watch all videos and complete all lecture video quizzes for the week because there may be more than one lecture video in some weeks.

o In each week, lecture videos (along with lecture notes) will be uploaded on Blackboard every Monday, and you have until the week’s Wednesday midnight EST to complete lecture quizzes.

o Blackboard will automatically score these quizzes. Your lowest lecture video quiz score will be dropped when calculating your final average in the course.

• Weekly MindTap Online Homework Assignments: 35%

o All homework will be completed and submitted in MindTap. The goal of this homework is to apply your knowledge on your own. The homework must keep up with the information presented in class as part of the learning process. You can go back and look at old assignments as often as you want.

o You will have three chances to determine and submit the correct answer for each question. Your score for each assignment will be graded with the KEEP THE HIGHEST SCORE option.

o Each MindTap assignment will become available for you to start on Monday when the chapter is introduced in lecture video(s). You will have until Wednesday of the following week to complete the MindTap assignment.

o Weekly MindTap homework assignments submitted late by up to one week will be accepted, but your score for the assignment will be reduced by half. You cannot submit it for credit after that deadline without prior arrangement with your professor.

o MindTap automatically scores these assignments. Your lowest MindTap HW score will be dropped when calculating your final average in the course.

• Weekly Lab Assignment: 25%

o Lab sessions provide opportunities to apply the statistical concepts you are learning and master JASP software to process basic statistical analysis. You can download ALL lab materials and assignments from the Blackboard page of this PSY252 M009.

o There will be a specific assignment for each week’s lab. You will have until Wednesday of the following week to complete the assignment and submit it on Blackboard.

o Your TA will grade your lab assignment. You will receive your graded lab assignment back one week from when you hand it in. Your lowest lab assignment score will be dropped when calculating your final average in the course.

o Lab assignments submitted late by up to one week will be accepted, but your score for the assignment will be reduced by half. Your TAs will NOT accept lab assignments that are late by more than one week without prior arrangement with your TA and your professor.

o Unlike exams, you may work with other classmates or consult any materials that would help you to learn the skills needed to complete the assignment. However, each student must conduct analyses and do the write-up for each assignment individually. Each student will be given a unique data set for the assignments, and each student should write up his/her interpretation of the results in his/her own words. No two projects should look exactly alike. Any questions about lab assignments should be directed to your TA first.

• Three In-Class Exams and an Optional Final Exam: 30%

o There will be three in-class exams scheduled on Blackboard during your lab session time on Thursdays (see Class Schedule of this syllabus). These exams will NOT be cumulative, but relevant information will build upon the knowledge that you acquire throughout the course. Therefore, the information you learn earlier in this course applies to the more complex topics discussed later in the course. Each exam will include conceptual questions from course material and interpretation of statistical analysis results. You will NOT be required to complete a JASP analysis of your own during an exam. You are expected to recognize and know how to use relevant formulas. You also will be expected to recall some basic formulas for the application.

o If you believe an exam has been graded incorrectly, you must bring the problem to my attention within one week after each test grade has been posted or within 24 hours after the final exam grade has been posted on Blackboard.

o We will have one OPTIONAL, cumulative, final exam. You may or may not take the optional final exam. The final exam score will replace your lowest exam score if your final exam score is better than your lowest exam score. No change in your overall exam score will be made if your final exam score is lower than your lowest exam score. Thus, the final exam
score can increase, but cannot decrease, your overall exam score. It will be very much like all the exams, only cumulative. The same rules for exams apply to the final exam.

o There will be no make-up exams for unexcused absences. That is, if you miss an exam without an excused absence, you will receive a score of zero for that exam. To be excused, proper supporting documentation must be presented to the instructor either before the illness/emergency or within a week after the illness/emergency is over. See the “Attendance Policies” section above for information on how to obtain documentation. Please provide the instructor a document as soon as you know that you cannot make it to any of the scheduled exams. Exams will NOT be rescheduled to accommodate students’ travel plans under any circumstances.

Components Required for Full Credit Total Points Possible % of
Final Grade
Lecture video quiz 10 of 11 weekly quizzes 40 points (4 points per quiz) 10 %
MindTap HW 10 of 11 weekly HWs 140 points (14 points per HW) 35 %
Lab assignment 10 of 11 weekly labs 100 points (10 points per lab) 25 %
Exams 3 of 4 exams 120 points (40 points per exam) 30 %
TOTAL 400 Points 100%

Letter Grade Final % Grade Points Range
A 92.50 – 100.0 370 or higher
A- 90.00 – 92.49 360 – 369.99
B+ 87.00 – 89.99 348 – 359.99
B 82.50 – 86.99 330 – 347.99
B- 80.00 – 82.49 320 – 329.99
C+ 77.00 – 79.99 308 – 319.99
C 72.50 – 76.99 290 – 307.99
C- 70.00 – 72.49 280 – 289.99
D 60.00 – 69.99 240 – 279.99
F 59.99 and lower 239 or lower

“What SU policies apply to this course?”

Use of Class Materials and Recordings

Original class materials (lecture handouts, lecture videos, and quizzes, lab assignments, exams, etc.) and recordings of class sessions are the intellectual property of the course instructor. You may download these materials for your use in this class. However, you may not provide these materials to other parties (e.g., web sites, social media, other students) without permission. Doing so is a violation of intellectual property law and the student code of conduct.