Psychiatry management 3

Reflective Journal (1 at 4 points each/4 points total)

Reflective journals contain confidential information shared between the student and course faculty. Only use the initials of clients

referred to in the reflective journal. The reflective journal should be written in a timely manner. Document information critical to the

reflective journal to prevent forgetting the events and their meanings and allowing enough time for reflection.

Reflective journal- Psychiatry management 3

Reflective journals are used to:

ï‚· Promote self-awareness and dialogue between students and course faculty

ï‚· Expand knowledge base in advanced psychiatric/mental health nursing

ï‚· Process and make sense of the experience in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner clinical by providing a forum to

discuss feelings and thoughts in relationship to clinical experiences.

ï‚· Acknowledge changes in clinical performance/personal growth during the clinical experience.

ï‚· Develop critical thinking skills used to analyze and to integrate clinical concepts to practice.

ï‚· Increase observational, assessment and recording skills

Reflective Journal Criteria: Psychiatry management 3

Address the following in the reflective journal:

1. Describe a clinical situation, in detail, when you became emotionally charged.

o Who was it, when did it happen, what happened, what caused it to happen, where did it happen, how did it happen?

2. Elaborate on how you managed anxieties, feelings, prejudices, and biases.

3. Elaborate on awareness developed during the clinical experience.

4. Describe any changes you will implement because of the clinical experience.

5. Describe how the clinical situation could impact on your role as an advanced practice nurse.

6. The reflective journal should be in narrative format and 1-2 pages excluding the title page.

7. Include an introductory paragraph.

8. The reflective journal does not require a purpose statement and a conclusion.

9. Include level 1 and/or 2 headings to organize the paper.

10. The paper can be written in first person as it is a reflective assignment.

11. No references required. If used, include a reference page and in-text citations.

12. APA format required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page).

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