“1) Select a societal problem (social phenomena) that you are interested in. Be sure that there is enough information on your topic for you to be able to write a project on. Discuss the changes of the problem over time and its current status (has the problem grown over the years?)
2) Select a policy/legislation that was created to address the problem. Discuss the changes of the policy since it was created. Were there many changes? if so, what were the changes? why did the changes occur?
3) Determine if the policy was a success or failure (refer to Greg Berman and Aubrey Fox’s policy failures).
4) Create recommendations to improve the policy to remedy the societal problem. Out of the recommendations you proposed, which one would appear the most feasible?
You are also welcome to apply any of the theories/concepts you have learned in this class to your final project.
This project should be a minimum of five pages double spaced, APA citation.