Purpose of Comprehensive Community College

Use The American Community College to read the following:
Chapter 1, “”Background: Evolving Priorities and Expectations of the Community College,”” pages 143.
Use your Community College Leadership and Administration: Theory, Practice, and Change text to read the following:
Chapter 1, “”The Community College Mission and Vision,”” pages 122.
Chapter 2, “”Historical Legacy of Community Colleges,”” pages 2352.
Use your Community College Missions in the 21st Century: New Directions for Community Colleges, No. 136 text to read the following:
Chapter 1, “”Community College Missions: A Theoretical and Historical Perspective,”” pages 514.
Chapter 10, “”Prioritizing Community College Missions: A Directional Effort,”” pages 91100.
For this question, assume the role of a community college public information officer. The president of your college has asked you to write a 400-word article for a team of educational leaders from France, outlining the reasons for the multiple program offerings of your community college. In your paper, you must defend the multiple missions and open admissions policy of your college. Using the unit readings, explain the purpose of your community college.

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